Adventure games


You are an ocopus and you have to save all the lost pieces in order to save the creator.


Collect all the orange balls and get to the exit to pass each level. Avoid spikes!

Panik in Chocoland

Help Panik collect all the ticking bombs and save the Chocoland factory.


Run, Jump, and do whatever it takes to avoid the police the longest.

Pinball Adventure

Classic game of pinball. Make the ball collect tokens and other objects to get points.

Plunder Mars

Launch Plunder the pirate has high as you can in the sky without making him fall.

Polar Jump

Click on the polar bear to make him jump as high as possible.  

Prince of Persia

Play this classic game and help the prince avoid obsticals and fight enemies for as long as possible.

Quick Quests

Explore the world and battle hordes of monsters.

Rail Rush

Collect as much gold as you can while you travel through the mine.

Rainbow Roller

Guide your ball through a obstacles course using your magic wand.

Red Ball

Roll your red ball, knock over boxes, dodge swinging axes and even ride a train in this physics platformer.

Red Ball 2

A physics-based platformer in which you have to push objects, collect stars and solve puzzles with your red ball.  

Red Beard

Get red beard to the goal and collect the gold by activating the platform switches.


Help Romeo find juliet by collecting all the hearts and getting past all of the obsticals.

Run Doggy Run

Run, jump or glide to escape angry Bill!

Run N Gun

 Drive down the field, get into the endzone!

Santa is in Trouble

Save Santa from the evil Gibbets so that way Christmas will still go on !

Save the Sheriff

 Collect the stolen loot dropped by the burglars.

Shark Attack

Steer your ship and avoid the white sharks!
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