Fighting games

Duck Hunting

Shoot as many ducks as you can to make it to the next round.

Duck Targets

Shoot and hit as many ducks as you can before time runs out!

Egg Fighter

 Help Jackie Frying Pan avenge his fathers death from the evil Bruce Free in various bouts of Kung Fu.  

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Travel a vast world, collect equips, learn powerful skills and slay legions of foes!  

Epic War 3

Defeat the opposing forces by building up your team and attacking their fortress.

Epic War 4

Play with five unique heroes with each a unique combat ability.  

Epic War 5

Choose your hero, and engage in bloody real time battles!

Final Ninja

Use your ninja rope and cloaking skills to take down your ex-boss.  

Firework Battle

Fire the fireworks at the pesky kids across the street!

Forest Siege

Wage and win epic battles and defeat the enemy !

Fragger Lost City

Throw grenades at the targets to take out the targets!

Galaxy Gunner

Steer your space ship and shoot the enemies throughout the galaxy!  

Gravitee Wars

Battle for control of the galaxy in this space based artillery game.

Guns of Anarchy

Blast through enimies by using your minigun, grenades, and other weapons to balst through this fast paced game.


Hambo must save his pig friend bacon use your weapons to save him!

Haunted House

Find candy bars to renew health, avoid bad guys, and try to escape the house.  

Horde Siege

Your castle is under attack you must hold off the enemy for 25 days until reinforcements arrive !


Shoot the aliens and clear the infestation!  

Jack Lantern

Defeat all the evil creatures and collect as many fruit and other items as you can.

Joe Destructo

Help joe to tear down buildings and evict the criminals.  
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