Fighting games

King of the Hill

Use your castle's cannon to protect yourself from the enemy.

Knight Age 2

Battle and defeat all the knights in the kingdom.

Last Defense

Protect your base as you gun down the attacking stickmen. Earn cash to purchase brand new guns.  

Legend of the Void

Battle your way through Calderia using tons of awesome weapons, armor, and artifacts.  

Little Protectors

Help these little warriors defeat the baddies!

Lunar Command

Save the lunar population by protecting the moon base.

Medieval Castle Defense

Defend your castle tower in medieval times.

Methus Tower Defence

Defend your tower against the incoming troops with using weapons and spells.  

Monster Island

Explode all the blue monsters on the screen as you carefully target them with different ammo.  

Ninja Pig

Ninja reflexes are needed in this game. Make the pig grow!

Obama Alien Defense

Help president obama defeat all the aliens!

Outpost Swarm

Kill all the aliens before it is too late.

Phantom Slash

Slice all the monsters in half with your mouse if you get more than one at a time you get bonus points.

Pirate Blaster

Blast the pirates that try to destroy your ship!

Pirate Hunting

Hunt and attack all the pirates!

Pirates vs Ninjas

 This is a funny physics based cannon shooting game.

Railroad Rampage

Outlaws have taken control of the train and it is your job as the sheriff to sort this mess out.

Rapid Fire

Fire your cannon at the incoming stickmen.

Red code 3

Eradicate this infested planet of all that walks its polluted surface.  

Red Warrior

Cowboys have destroyed most of your indian villages. Defeat the cowboys!
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