Puzzle Games

Construction Breaker

To pass the level, cut the shape. All parts should fall below the line on the screen.


Remove as many squares as possible by getting three or more in a row.

Crazy Cubes

In each of the sections of the cube you need to make the colors match in order to make the cube shatter.

Creepy Columns

Stack halloween creatures and get three in a row to make them disappear. This is very similar to Tetris.

Cube Buster

Clear all the squares as fast as you can.

Cyber Mice Party

Rescue all the mice by creating a safe path to the cheese.

Dark Melt

Crack the blocks of ice by jumping on them and avoid the evil penguins to capture the flags.


Diffuse the bombs as fast as you can!

Division Aliens

Complete the division problems as fast as you can before your city is destroyed by the aliens!

Doodle Blast

You draw the line and control the marbles so they go in the bucket.


Drop the bricks and get three or more in a row to make them disappear. This is just like Tetris.

Estimate It

Estamate the number of dots as fast as you can.

Fall Down 2

 Go through the gaps in the walls with your ball and try to keep the ball from getting trapped at the top of the screen.  

Fish Need Water

Draw lines and connect objects to get the fish to go back in the water.

Frank and Slime

Help slime go through a wild maze with obsticals and illusions. It is very tricky !


Get the frog safely across the highway and river to get it back home.

Fruit Fall

Get three or more of the same kind of fruit in a row to make them disappear.

Gravity Stacker

A puzzle game with 50 levels where you test your stacking skills against 8 different directions of gravity.  

House of Chocolates

Get three or more of the different kinds of chocolate in a row to get points and make the chocolate disappear.


Get the ball in the hole by building a track using various kinds of blocks.
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