Sport games

Disk Golf 2

 Throw your disc into the basket in the least amount of strokes possible.

European Soccer Championships

Lead your team to victory in the European Soccer Championships.

Extreme Skater

Perform as many tricks and stunts as you can.

Extreme Triathlon

Compete in running, swimming and cycling!

Field Goal

Kick the ball through the goal posts to complete the levels!

Flash Tennis

Work your way up to recieve the honor of being the flash tennis champion.

Galaxy Golf

Play golf on other planets throughout the galaxy in this unique golf game.

Golf Ace Hawaii

Golf in the beautiful state of Hawaii on this nine hole golf course.

Golf Champions

Become the ultimate golfing champion and bring home a trophy.

Golf Run

Clear all the exciting levels by putting the golf ball in the holes successfully in minimum moves.

Hammer Throw

Spin the hammer thrower with correct technique and build speed and then release the hammer.

Horse Athletics

Run like a stallion, in this exciting horse racing game!  

Ice Hockey

Try to defeat your opponent by scoring the most goals!

Insane Ski Jump

Perform tricks as well as a perfect landing to get maximum points!  

Istunt 2

Hit the alps at full speed on a snowboard and pull off daring stunts scoring as many points as possible.

Jellyfish Shuffleboard

Play as Sandy or Spongebob and shuffle your jellyfish towards the end of the board and land on the markers to score maximum points!

London 2012 Olympic Games

Play a variety of Olympic Games against over 20 countries.

Masters of Wrestling

Wrestle your way to the top and become the greatest wrestling superstar ever!  

Medieval Golf

Launch the golf ball using a bow towards the hole in this medieval version of golf.

Mini Pool 3

Clear the table before time runs out to advance to the next level.
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