Sport games

Street Luge

Go as fast as you can on your board without falling off.


Surf and collect stars! Pick up bonuses in a perfect sequence to get additional points!  

Swimming Race

Race against competitors in various strokes to finish the race the fastest.

Table Tennis

Play and perfect your skills in this fun table tennis game.


Play against the top ranked tennis players from around the world and try to defeat all of them to grab the championship!  

Tennis Ace

Beat all three challengers and take home the Gold Cup.

Tennis Doubles

Go for victory and become a tennis doubles champion!

Tennis Grand Slam

Win all the major tournaments and become the grand slam champion!

The Ashes

Protect the trophy from the Aussies at all costs in this game of ashes.  

The Mile High Club

A vertically based golf game where you have to set your angle and power to hit the golf ball from one platform to another.  

Track Star

Take part in running games, throwing games, and jumping games.

TV Darts Show

Keep your eye on the prize in this exciting rendition of darts.

U-pipe Skateboarding

Perform and do stunts while skateboarding on the legendary U-pipe.

Verti Golf

Complete all holes in as few shots as possible.

Verti Golf 2

Play this futuristic golf game on floating holes in the sky!

Wakeboard Pro

Ride the waves and show off your wakeboarding skills!

Wakeboarding Xs

Pull the most extreme moves and score the most points.  

Winter Bow Master

 Become a master of the bow in this festive archery game!

Winter Games

Compete in various winter game events and win as many medals as you can!

Wonder Putt

Adventure golf with cows, toads, ski slopes, torpedos, and aliens.
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