Strategy games

Color Fill

Trap the roaming arrow within the room by eliminating 80% of the room by building walls.

Conquer Antartica

A gang of brave, little penguins aspire to conquer the antartica ice territory!

Cops Vs. Supers

The populace have voted, everyone is sick of the Superheroes doing what they please. It's time to take them down with the long arm of the law.

Crazy Chess

Defend your castle from the attacking black pawns. There are many stages good luck.

Cube Field

Try to get as far as possible without crashing into any of the blocks.


Use balloons to bounce, time Machines to change characters and collect the coins and bonuses.  

Dice Mogul

Roll the dice and try to get as many properties as you can and make the other players go bankrupt. This is like monopoly but with sorry pieces.

Diner City

Start your own restaurant business! Expand your business, making your restaurant bigger and better.

Disaster Will Strike

Try to break open all the eggs with wind and earth quakes.

Diver Duck

Dive and try to grab as much money as you can before the time runs out.

Drag Box

Get the box as far through the maze of shape obsticals as you can.


Grow beetles, breed beetles and produce the ultimate beetle!  

Fat Slice

Cut the items with fewer slice as possible to reach the target percentage.  


Grow yourself to a bigger fish by eating the small fishes, but don't try the bigger ones or you will get eaten.  

Flappy Bird

The classic frustrating game based on the app, addicting you can't stop.

Galactic Warrior

A classic game of Galactica. Shoot the ships with your mouse and use the keyboard to move your ship.


Click within the applet Shoot the waves of aliens and avoid their fire!


Fill up customers tanks of gas and make your gas station into a thriving buisness.

Geo Land the Dream Traveller

Help geo in quests, in combat, and throughout the land of Geo.

Goodgame Farmer

Enjoy the beautiful country life and manage your virtual farm.
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