Strategy games

Lumber Jack

Compete in several events and win to become the Lumber Jack and win a trophy.

Mallet Mania

Just like mini golf, but with a mallet!


This is a classic board game with lots of strategy and planning involved. Try to capture all your oponents marbles.

Mansion Impossible

Buy and sell houses as fast as you can unitl you save up 10 million dollars for the mansion.

Marble Temple

Get your marble across each level and into the hole while collecting as many gems as you can !

Mega Drill

Dig down into the earth to salvage the treasures!

Mission Mars

Destroy all the buildings with your spaceship before you get to low because you will crash into the buildings.

Money Miner 2

 Collect coins, gems, rocks and ancient relics.

Monkey Kickoff

Click to kick the ball as far as you can and try to reach monkey village.

Monkey Lander

Collect all the bananas and land safely before your fuel runs out.  

Mushroom Madness 3

Protect the fields of mushrooms from all types of attackers such as rabbits, bears and hedgehogs.  

Ninja Glove

Put your reflexes to the test, quickly solve each minigame!  

Off the Rails

Hammer the buttons to power your hand car through each treacherous rail road.  

Pac Man

Eat the dots! Watch out for the four pesky ghosts!  

Penquin Diner

Penny the Penguin goes off track and ends up lost and penniless! Help her earn her money back.

Pet Restaurant

Your tiny cute customers keep coming, so hurry up, earn some honest pocket money serving them their favorite dishes!

Pizza Pronto

Make pizzas as fast as you can while adding all the correct ingredients.

Rabbit Rustler

The mean farmer is breeding cute rabbits to bake into his pies. Steal them away to a safer place!  

Rail Pioneer

Lay down the tracks as fast as you can and get your train as quickly as you can to the finish line while avoiding all obsticals.

Reel Gold

Make your fortune in the Hills, clear your pitch before the times up!  
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